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Windybank’s Bait Supply which distributes its products in the Sydney metropolitan area, Newcastle and the Central Coast and South Coast and to other states bait & tackle, its success is based on its good reputation and pretty much all need to do to achieve good sales is to put out signs with the Windybank’s brand is a very powerful marketing tool.

“We are definitely going more into convenience as there are more and more small stores out there and these are perfect for people who may have their fishing rods in the back of the vehicle and just want to call in for some bait on their way to a fishing spot. “It’s a perfect fit. Obviously in places where there is a lot of fishing we do quite well in these convenience stores.”

Windybank’s has been working with recreational fishermen since 1886 in Sydney and began freezing bait in 1950.

“This made it convenient to be sold at convenience stores and garages and tacke shops due to their long opening hours. “Product should be as fresh as possible and the lids on freezers should be checked regularly to make sure they are closed. Ice build up in freezers will lift the temperature and cause spoilage.”

 The most popular products are its pilchards, prawns, whitebait, chicken gut, squid, worms, and mullet fillets,

2 freezer delivery trucks from the South Coast of Sydney to the North Coast on a weekly basis.”

The company also provides other stores around Australia with pallet buys direct from Sydney cold store

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