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Windybanks fishing bait
Windybanks Bait Supply is a 5 generation family owned and run Australian wholesale business starting in Cowan Creek back in the late 1886 We have years of perfecting our bait.  It is now run by Paul Windybank and his wife Teresa and their son Tristan.

Windybank‚Äôs has been working along side  fishermen since 1886  and still today !!! and became the first to freeze bait in 1950 and the first to supply to garages, first being a small service station in Asquith then growing to what it is today.
Because our bait is sold at convenience stores and garages and tackle shops people can pickup when convenient for them.
If you need our bait and tackle at your local convenient store, garage or tackle shop  give us a call and we can arrange to have someone come and see you. You can contact us on 02 4377 1373.  Our office hours are  from 9am to 5pm or you can email us anytime through the below email.

Enter your details and press send and we will get back to you as soon as we can or You can also call us on 02 4377 1373
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