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Windybanks bait Supply
Windybanks Bait Supply is an Australian family owned and run wholesale business. working with local fisherman,   delivering fishing bait and tackle to retail outlets and fishing charters throughout NSW

History tells us what works and what doesn't work but we don't stop trying to get the perfect bait for you.This is why people keep coming back for more and only looking for windybanks Bait and Tackle. We hand pack our bait into our bags to make sure it is the best quality for you. we are all about making sure customers get the best bait and enjoy their fishing experience.

we can work with you to help you sell what people are looking for in your area. Retail outlets that sell our bait are located all over NSW,  We deliver to Sydney South, South East, South West, Sydney West, inner sydney, Northern Beaches, Central Coast, and as far as  Port Stephens and South Coast so far.  we pride ourselves on our need to treat every customer with not just a great product but a great service. Delivering and restocking your fishing bait and tackle. you are not just a number to us but an assett to our business, the better you do, the better we do and we spend time making sure our bait is packaged with care.

When you become one of our customers, we deliver and top up your freezer of bait weekly or fortnightly. We supply signage for free
Afterall your success is our success !!!!

Enter your details and press send and we will get back to you as soon as we can or You can also call us on 02 4377 1373
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